About us

About our Company

Serveshopping was founded in 2004 with a view to endowing our clients with the optimum IT solutions in terms of hardware, software and network integration.

We provide IT Infrastructure Solutions, System Integration, and Network/Server Management services across the UK.

Servershopping Technologies has established itself as a leading supplier of refurbished servers, storage and network equipment, providing complete units and component parts to customers Worldwide. We’ve grown from a handful of staff working in a small office to a team of over 50  people, each bringing their own skills and talents to the company with a solid commitment to quality and customer care

The main functional areas were merely Server sales and maintenance.

Servershopping is one of the fastest-growing companies in the refurbished server business. Because we are experts in the refurbishing process, we are able to deliver cost-cutting solutions to our customers. We specialize in Dell, IBM and HP lines of servers and storage units, as well as Cisco networking equipment.